City planning is complicated – and usually poorly explained. To make our cities better places to live, we have to understand how they work and what we can do to change them.

Bricolage Urbain creates educational tools that make thinking about and participating in our cities fun and useful.

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Learning guides & activities

We create illustrated guides and organize whimsical activities to explain complex urban issues and bureaucratic processes.

 glasses-new3Research + Analysis

We are interested in scoping out new ideas, seeing what is being done in other cities and applying it to your project’s context.



We design illustrations and infographics (like web banners, posters or pamphlets) to trumpet your project and spread the word.

Who is Bricolage urbain? We are Raphaelle Aubin, Catherine Thibault and Melanie Lambrick

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We work with everybody!

Cities, residents, government, community groups, non-profit and private clients, institutions, schools and more.

Past clients and partners

City of Montreal’s Public Consultation Office (Office de consultation publique de Montréal), City of Laval, City of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Articule gallery and Dawson College.

We work in both French and English.